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Whether you have a birthday, anniversary, family gathering, promotion or resignation,

we are there to make the experience that much sweeter.
We make our own gelato and baked cakes and can customise them to suit your needs.

We can customise our cakes to suit your needs.


To make your orders

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Baked Cakes

  • Ferrero and hazelnut cake with chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache, chocolate wafer crunch and nutella
  • Red velvet cake made up of red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and berry coulis



Small serves 8-10 people [$55.00]

Medium standard serves 15-18 people [$70.00]

Medium double serves 25+ people [$100.00]

Large standard serves 25+ people [$90.00]

Large double serves 50+ people [$150.00]


  • Layered Nutella cheesecake with ‘Oreo’ base, layers of vanilla and Nutella cheesecake and covered with Nutella ganache

    One size serves 12-14 people [$60.00]


  • A cake within a cake with a cheesecake section in the middle topped with another chocolate cake cream cheese icing and chocolate ganache

     One size serves up to 14 people [$80.00]


We endeavour to run an optimal operation and cares for allergies

(All our products may contain traces of Nuts, Dairy and Gluten)

For all orders, enquires and cart hires please call us on

Phone: (03) 9578 6833

Also, you can check our menu on Uber eats